Plastic-free Gardening Products

A showcase for plastic free gardening products. Any listings here do not constitute a recommendation – unless I’ve tried it out myself, in which case you’ll either find a little note from me after the listing or a link to my product review on the blog.

Biodegradable Pots


Agriframes Bamboo Pots £5.99 for 5

Plastic free pots made from bamboo and rice for both indoor and outdoor use. Usage of 5 years+ and compostable once no longer in use. 5” & 6” Pots and Saucers available in two colours – traditional terracotta and sage green.

naturalgardener_coirpotsThe Natural Gardener: Coir pots £3.95 for 10 x 10.75cm diameter or 15 x 8cm diameter

The coir pots, hand made by the friendly people of Sri Lanka, come to you on scheduled ships, and happily biodegrade when you plant them, and so a natural resource returns back to your soil.

Other benefits include healthy air pruned roots, no root binding, no need to twiddle the roots when you plant so no root shock – and they just look and feel so right !

They last about 12 months above ground, and about 6 weeks when planted. We say ‘about’ as they are natural products, with a lot of hand crafting about them.

Note from me: having used these in earnest last year (2018) I have to report that the six-week figure above is not my experience. Clearing my veg beds I found the coir pots almost completely intact where I had buried them some 3-4 months earlier. This may be because of the particularly dry summer we had last year… but for me the jury is out.

Fruit cage netting

I am in the process of building a fruit cage around my little garden of cherries, berries and currants to stop the birds getting them before I did but struggled a bit with figuring out how you would avoid using plastic netting. Then I realised they used to make fruit cages out of wire mesh… and they still sell it today. You need 13mm mesh to do the job properly. It’s expensive, true, but it lasts a lifetime.

meshMesh Direct Prices from £55.49 (15m roll, 90cm high) to £94.90 (10m roll, 2m high)

Quality welded wire mesh with 13mm x 13mm (1/2 inch x 1/2 inch) square holes, and a 19 gauge wire. Available in 90cm to 2m high rolls.

Jute pea netting

gardeningnaturally_jutepeanettingGardening Naturally Jute Pea Netting £9.49 2m x 5m

Made from a thick, durable, natural coloured jute that will blend in amongst the rest of your garden. Install with plant ties or twine on to supports and posts. 100% biodegradable. Hole size: 12cm x 12cm.

williamjames_peanettingWilliam James & Co Jute Netting £10.50 2m x 5m

Biodegradable Jute Netting, perfect for Peas and Beans


Wooden seed trays

burgonandball_seedtraysBurgon & Ball Wooden Seed Tray Set £12.99

Set of 3 traditional pine seed trays to get seedlings off to a flying start. Made from untreated pine to ensure no contamination and slatted for drainage. The large seed tray has the word “seedlings” branded onto the side.

Large Tray: 38.5 x 24 x 8cm
Small Trays: 22.5 x 17.5 x 7cm

crocus_woodenseedtrayCrocus Wooden Seed Tray £12.99

These sturdy wooden seed trays offer robust protection to young plants and feature a slatted base for easy drainage. Ideal for both direct planting and as a tray for small pots, indoors or out.

Made from 9mm pine treated with wood stain. A coat of linseed oil once a season will help prolong the life of the wood.

L37.5cm x W29.5cm x D8cm

haxnicks_bambooseedtrayHaxnicks Bamboo Seed Trays £3.99

Made from bamboo and rice, these seed trays are for indoor or outdoor use and last 5 or more years. They are biodegradable and compostable.